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Installing Skirting / Underpinning On Your Mobile Or Manufactured Home Is Now Easier

Watch our mobile home skirting installation videos and witness how simple it is to install Duraskirt™ on your home. Read or print the PDF. files for installation instructions, HUD Permanent Foundation engineering, ventilation calculator and preliminary order form or pre-order form for pertinent information we need to understand your home skirting needs to get your order right the first time.

Panel & Hidden Vent Installation

Small Hand / Water Access

Hidden Vent At Crawl

Building The Crawl Access

Back-Filling Instructions

As you can see from these videos showing the ease of which Duraskirt™ is installed, the question you may have is "how long does an average home take to install Duraskirt™?"  Visit our blog to find out.

Making Holes Through Duraskirt

Dryer Vent Penetrations

How To Conceal Panel Joints

  "I Have heard that using brick or concrete as siding for for a mobile home doesn't work well because when the ground moves the concrete cracks.  How does concrete Duraskirt™ not Crack with ground movement?" - Sally

"This is a very good question Sally. Duraskirt™ is designed like a concrete tilt-up wall system.  Tilt-up walls are independently supported, although joined only by flexible adhesive caulking.  This allows for ground movements, settling especially in earthquakes without cracking the concrete panels.  You may need to reset the panels after an earthquake then reapply the caulking between the joints."

"In Most Cases Duraskirt™ Exceeds Industry Standards In Foundation Appearances"

Duraskirt™ is a hand-made product and when installed properly is made to resemble a poured-in-place foundation wall. For this reason air bubbles, small voids, color variations in both Traditional Smooth and Northwest Aggregate is considered normal. True also are variations in exposed aggregate depths. Although these kinds of conditions may exist, they in no way affect the structural integrity.

Formed residential concrete flatness tolerances of 1/4" to 3/8" are considered industry standard and thus these tolerances may be found when installing Duraskirt™ panels. Because Duraskirt™ is made of concrete, minor corner chips are expected and can be repaired following standard concrete repair methods. These same repair methods are used to adjoin panels together around the perimeter of the home to give the poured-in-place foundation look.

"In most cases Duraskirt™ exceeds industry standards in foundation appearances because we are the highest volume foundation skirting made in the USA."

Read more about how you will receive your Duraskirt™ skirting kit.

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