Hidden Vent

Duraskirt's ™ Exclusive "Hidden Vent System"

Duraskirt's Exclusive Hidden-Vent System is the best way to vent a mobile home or manufactured house. The Hidden-Vent System adds excellent curb appeal with an attractive unique look that will have people wondering where your foundation vents are located.  Use The Vent Calculator to know how much ventilation your home requires.
Hidden Vent - Duraskirt
Manufactured Home Vents
Ventalation for mobile homes made easy with the Hidden Vent System.

The Hidden Vent System For Manufactured Homes Has Been Received Well Nationally

We first introduced the "Hidden Vent System" in the Northwest and our customer accepted this innovation very well.  Today the Hidden Vent System for manufactured homes has been well received nationally.  As you can see from the photos this clean look is appealing and sets our system apart from all the others.  There are a few places this system will not work, such as, flood plains although we have an answer.

There are two ways to handle flood plain requirements. 

1) With break-away-flood-panels (extra engineering needed).
2) We can instead provide flood vents.

What about closing off vents for winter?  Not Recommended: But for those that insist on closing their vents in the winter 1-1/4" Closed Cell Backer Rod can be used.

How do I calcu
late how much ventilation is needed on my home? Answer: Hidden Vent Calculator.

Hidden Vent Pros:

  1. Appearances.
  2. Eliminates dead air space.
  3. Prevents large animals from pushing through the vents.
  4. Less Back-fill restriction.
  5. No vent wells needed.

Watch These Helpful Videos To See How To Install The Hidden Vent On Your Home

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