DIY Mobile Home Skirting Kits Come In Two Finishes, Two Heights & Choose From Three Different Kinds. Engineered As A Component Of A HUD Permanent Foundation.

Mobile & Manufactured Home Skirting Kits
Duraskirt is made to support dirt back-fill.  It is important to carefully watch the back-fill instructional video found on the Info & Video page.  You will learn the proper techniques that are essential to successfully back-filling Duraskirt mobile home skirting panels.  It really makes good sense.
Mobile Home Skirting Prices
Mobile Home Skirting - Duraskirt Concrete Panels

Lineal Footage Pricing Includes Everything You Need For Installing  Duraskirt™ making this a do-it-yourselfers dream come true.

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For Qualifying Continental US Areas **

**Home site must be accessible by LTL trucking.  For a list of other restriction please read Quick Pricing Guide

Discounts For Seniors, Veterans and Their Families

Duraskirt Pricing

With Respect For Our Elders And Veterans

Our family takes pride in supporting our veterans and seniors.  We do this by offering 5% discount on Duraskirt™ for them and their loved ones.

We not only provide seniors and veterans with discounts we help out their loved ones too.  If you're a veteran or a senior wanting to help out a family member by purchasing a high quality skirting product you can and get a discount.

We understand how important family and those that have served our family, neighbors and fought for our precious freedoms.  Thanks!

Have a family member that gave their life?  This especially includes you too!



   Want to mention we are very pleased with our purchase of Duraskirt.  We have neighbors who are very impressed with your product as well and believe in the near future they will be in touch to order for their home as well. 

   Do you have a small metal plate that says Duraskirt that I could fasten on foundation to clearly state wonderful product. If so would be interested.

   Thanks again for doing business,

   John W.

High Quality and 100% Customer Satisfaction Are Our Top Priorities

  • Real Concrete
  • Residential Appearance - Looks Like A Real Home!
  • Hidden Vent System
  • Warranty
  • Packaged & ready for quick shipment to your home-site.
  • Come with complete Installation manual.
  • Cost effective and efficient.
  • Engineered To Meet HUD Permanent Foundation Code As A Component.  
  • Material Only Packages come with everything you need with exception to house trim.
  • Paint and Stain-able concrete.
  • Concrete panels cut easily with a diamond blade.
  • Add an overlay, such as, brick patterns, rock patterns, stucco and more! (By others).
  • Installation pricing is for a prepared site (Washington State Only).
  • Packaging costs included.
  • Prices Do Not  include transportation costs.
  • Kit pricing based on a minimum order of 66 lineal feet.

Happy couple after purchasing Duraskirt for their mobile home.
What makes the Hidden-Vent so special & why do building departments love it?

Duraskirt™ | Concrete Skirting Fair Value Kit Pricing

Available In Two Durable Finishes, Traditional Smooth & Northwest Aggregate

Manufacture home with Duraskirt mobile home skirting installed.

Comparing Value Versus Cost, You'll Choose Duraskirt™

Duraskirt Quick Pricing Testimonials

Traditional Smooth Duraskirt™

Traditional Smooth Duraskirt™ Kits are available in three various forms to meet your specific needs.  
  • Duraskirt™ PRO-30G the most common.  30" x 37" x 3/4" w/ Geo-Tech Fabric. 68 lbs.
  • Duraskirt™ PRO-37G intended for homes set an extra block higher.  37" x 30" x 3/4" w/ Geo-Tech Fabric.  68 lbs.
  • Duraskirt™ PRO-3037 used for many different applications.  30" x 37" x 3/4" NO Geo-Tech Fabric.  68 lbs.
Sometimes you may need all of these options to complete your project.  

*All kits are priced by lineal foot as follows:
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PRO-30G  $23.58 l.f.

Duraskirt™ Manufactured Home Skirting Kits

PRO-37G  $30.44 l.f.

Duraskirt™ Concrete Skirting Panels

PRO-3037 $69.62 ea

Concrete Panel System

Park Model Skirting For Mobile Homes
*All kits are priced by each panel as follows:

Discontinued- PARK PLUS-3037 -

Duraskirt Park Plus 30x37x5/8
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Duraskirt Quick Pricing

Duraskirt™ Park Plus Economy Skirting

Duraskirt™ Park Plus limited back-fill economy skirting is designed for homes set above ground level (not-pit-set).  These panels are made of concrete and do allow for a few inches of back-fill.

These concrete panels are versatile and can be used for the following: 
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Mobile Homes
  • Trailer House
  • Park Models
  • Deck Skirts
  • Hot Tub Surrounds


The distinct difference between Duraskirt™ Park Plus and Duraskirt™ Pro is thickness and reinforcing wire. Otherwise you get the same look, longevity and feel of a real residential foundation look.  

Bottom edge of panels can be staked behind and or glued (concrete adhesive) to slabs or paving (adhesive or pins not provided).  View Drawing
Duraskirt™ Park Plus 30"x 37" x 5/8" - 55 lbs.

Shipping Costs?

Northwest Aggregate Duraskirt™

Popular for its curb appeal, Northwest Aggregate Duraskirt™ Kits are available in two choices to meet your specific needs.  
  • Duraskirt™ PRO-A30G the most common. Panels are 30" x 36" x 7/8" w/ Geo-tech Fabric.
  • Duraskirt™ PRO-A3036 used for many different applications.  Panels are 30" x 36" x 7/8" No Geo-tech Fabric.
Sometimes you may need both of these options to complete your project. 

*All kits are priced by lineal foot or each as follows:

Discontinued- PRO-A30G

Duraskirt™ Rock Skirting Panels

Discontinued- PRO-A3036

Duraskirt™ Rock Skirting for park model homes

*All Kits Over 100 Lineal Feet Only $399 Shipping!
Includes Lift-gate With Courtesy Call Before Delivery

Duraskirt mobile home skirting kit accessories

Complete Duraskirt™ Kit Items

Our manufactured and mobile home skirting kits come complete with items you'll need to finish your home skirting project.  Here is a list of items to expect.
  • Duraskirt™ concrete skirting panels.
  • One access well frame or door w/handles.
  • Joint sealer caulking.
  • Either concealer topping cement powder for Traditional Smooth or sand and gravel for aggregate joints & repairs.
  • Galvanized vent screen for hidden vents.
  • Joist Fasteners.
  • Lifetime Prime-guard screws for use in treated or standard lumber (square drive).
  • Engineering and Installation instructions.

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Door Threshold & Handle Assembly - Hand Access Threshold & Handle Assembly - Well frame w/ Additional Panels - Cure & Seal (Northwest Aggregate). - Additional Skirting Panels. - Diamond Concrete Blades

*Our Shipping Policy

Shipping is for areas in the lower 48 states that are accessible to LTL trucking and their requirements. Please call to verify your home site meets these requirements (most do).  Once order is consummated by payment in full (i.e. materials and shipping), Creative Concrete Products, LLC is responsible for quoting known costs, requesting a lift-gate delivery and phone call before delivery request of shipper.  We are, however, released from all liability of any kind other than quality and correct quantity of products once kit is released to shipper.  Damages or delays caused from shipper can occur, although rare, is between shipper and consumer. 

Extra charges:
  1. Damage insurance is available at approximately $35.00 per kit and is suggested, however not required.
  2. Delays due to shipment damages can cause construction delays.
  3. Ferry fees and extra charges to islands or areas of the like.
  4. Secure facilities that require added permitting or special licenses and or certifications.
  5. Any extra cost due to consumer missing a shipment.
  6. Locations outside the lower 48 states.
  7. Any other unexpected charge.

Further consumer responsibilities:

  • Make sure you are ready to receive the phone call for the anticipated approximate delivery day(s).
  • Area must be clear and unobstructed with level flat area to lower lift-gate.
  • Where lift-gate is to be dropped a concrete pad or soil/ asphalt covered with plywood must be provided.  Concrete surfaces may also need to be protected from steel pallet jack wheels.
  • Flagger(s)

Thank you for full payment of materials as well as shipping as required prior to shipment as this constitutes an agreement to these and other product descriptions found on this website. Please call if you have any questions.

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Duraskirt #1 Skirting In The Northwest

There are many Reasons why we're the #1 skirting product in the Northwest.  One reason is we take pride in the quality of products we manufacture and sell.  The products we offer are either made by us in Washington State or are from trusted brands.

If you have any questions regarding our products, services or would like more information, please contact us. 

"In Most Cases Duraskirt™ Exceeds Industry Standards In Foundation Appearances"

Duraskirt™ is a hand-made product and when installed properly is made to resemble a poured-in-place foundation wall. For this reason air bubbles, small voids, color variations in both Traditional Smooth and Northwest Aggregate is considered normal. True also are variations in exposed aggregate depths. Although these kinds of conditions may exist, they in no way affect the structural integrity.

Formed residential concrete flatness tolerances of 1/4" to 3/8" are considered industry standard and thus these tolerances may be found when installing Duraskirt™ panels. Because Duraskirt™ is made of concrete, minor corner chips are expected and can be repaired following standard concrete repair methods. These same repair methods are used to adjoin panels together around the perimeter of the home to give the poured-in-place foundation look.

"In most cases Duraskirt™ exceeds industry standards in foundation appearances because we are the highest volume foundation skirting made in the USA."
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