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Thank you for considering our family made product on your home.  Duraskirt™ is engineered as a component of a HUD Permanent Foundation.  This helps in financing your home for more competitive rates especially for resale value.  Since you are buying directly from the manufacturer there will be only one freight charge saving your budget. 

Consider the quality & price and you'll agree Duraskirt™ is a great value for your hard earned money.

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Whether you're a DIY type, contractor, park owner or developer you're probably looking for high quality manufactured home skirting kits at affordable prices. And if you're looking for skirting that comes with personal service, you've come to the right place.

Here at Creative Concrete Products, LLC, a family owned and operated company, we’ll give you the attention and personal service you'll come to expect and enjoy.  We offer the best in concrete skirting for manufactured homes. What's more is our decades of experience you can rely on to answer all of your questions even if they’re not covered in the "easy to follow instructions", YouTube videos.

Call for any reason to talk to one of our friendly, helpful experts who spent dedicated helping others.  You are assured to get trustworthy information you need and answer any installation questions you may have. Call now!

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We have watched as our industry, manufactured housing, has grown to meet the needs, demands and challenges of today’s consumer. The homes are being constructed with higher quality, more custom architecture and meeting the higher challenges of city jurisdiction requirements. With all these changes have come a manufactured home that is permanent, affordable and a beautiful place to call “home” for millions of Americans.  

Being in the manufactured home business for more than 20 years we, at Creative Concrete Products, LLC, understand the need for a real concrete skirting product that provides a true appearance and longevity of a “site-built” residential presentation. For the past 13 years we have built our reputation and company using Duraskirt™, a custom-made, high-quality concrete skirting product and superior service. In this time we have noticed a need to make a concrete skirting that is more readily available. Our answer to this need is Duraskirt™.

Duraskirt™ is one of only a few concrete skirting products developed and produced specifically for manufactured home skirting.  Duraskirt™ is real concrete that utilizes the newest technological advancements in concrete mix additives that insure structural integrity and longevity for thin exterior use concrete. These concrete mix additives make it possible for thin concrete to hold up under very extreme weather conditions, varying changes in temperature and humidity. The panels are also lighter in` weight, smaller in size and easier to install and distribute.

When properly installed, Duraskirt™ provides customers with the lasting perfomance of real concrete and the desired residential “site-built” appearance that currently drives our industry to excellence while providing added value and customer satisfaction.
Manufactured and Mobile home skirting

   Watch FYI's "Tiny House Nation" 

In 2014 finding our product to be suitable for their needs we were called by the TV Series "Tiny House Nation."  Their idea was to set up these tiny homes so they looked more home-like and as durable.  We agreed and sent our product out throughout our great nation.

We have had a great response since then and people across the country know they can purchase a skirting product that is made of real concrete with a realistic look and feel.  They now understand buying directly from the manufacturer, paying once for freight and getting the experts to help them is a great value.  

Looking Ahead

Since 2000 we have demonstrated trust in our industry and we look forward in building on this through the years to come.  We understand with any new idea comes decades of thankless hard work.  In this we endeavor and look forward to serving our customers best interests with products that improve their lives.  Thank you for considering us in your coming project and we look forward in serving you.
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