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Duraskirt™ Cement Concrete Board Is Versatile

The primary reason why Duraskirt™ is the best solution one can choose is because the company is dedicated to providing the highest standard of service. Not only the panels have improved over the years, but also the installers who come from the company are very sincere about doing things right.  The warranty period is definitely a very good one too, including any manufacturing defects and other common reasons which are included in most warranties.

Note: There are certain exclusions regarding the validity of warranty though, but since that is typical, nothing repulsive about that.  All things considered, Duraskirt™ concrete boards or panels are some of the best panels manufactured in the world, judging by both quality of material and sincerity of manufacturing.
cement concrete board
cement board
Installing Duraskirt™ concrete cement board on a new manufactured home.
Concrete cement board

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What Is Duraskirt™?

Duraskirt™ is a solution made of real concrete to tackle the need for skirting in case of manufactured homes as well as mobile homes. In production since 2000 by Creative Concrete Products, LLC, the concrete panel has already earned a very firm reputation all around the United States for its ease-of-implementation as well as affordability. This panel, approved by a number of major quality-assessing organizations, has a lot to offer, starting from unparalleled quality going all the way to convenient warranty period. In addition to its other uses, this concrete board works very well for siding. Based in Mount Vernon, Washington, the manufacturer has come a long way since it started making the panels. 

Why Use Duraskirt™?

This particular concrete board siding is the top choice for many due to its affordable price and easy installation.  Those are not all of its positive aspects as there is other advantages to using Duraskirt™.  When comparing Duraskirt™ to using another type of skirting material remember Duraskirt™ is engineered for use as skirting or underpinning.

Although materials like treated plywood, other cement boards, etc. are widely used as skirting materials, most manufacturers do not put the effort to truly produce them for the purpose of skirting.  This is why many fail or have problems that occur frequently.  For instance, treated plywood is associated with the issue of not lasting long when back-filled and is most likely to warp inward when exposed to under-floor moisture for an extended period of time. However, when it comes to Duraskirt™, it is made for skirting primarily, and therefore, it can withstand any major or minor challenges of exposure to the weather.

Moreover, it has been approved by FHA, HUD as well as VA as a permanent foundation solution. One more thing that makes Duraskirt™ a logical option is its long journey of going on fifteen years, due to which it has evolved and improved a lot from its beginning days.

When To Use Duraskirt™

Duraskirt™ works wonderfully well for a number of different structures like portable office trailers, hot tubs, portable class rooms, deck surrounds, pole buildings, garages, modular homes, mobile homes and many more. Moreover, cottage skirting and underpinning jobs can be taken care of with the help of the concrete board too.

Back-filling Duraskirt™ PRO Versions With Soil

Placing soil against Duraskirt™ PRO versions is an easy process, although like any other back-fill skirting care is needed.  Please watch the video, "Back-filling Duraskirt™" to watch a man on an excavator how he places dirt carefully against the skirting for a finish ready to landscape.

Duraskirt Variants

This particular solution comes in two varieties: Traditional Smooth and Northwest Aggregate. While the size of the engineered panels are 30" x 37"x 3/4", such panels utilize 6 and ½ sack concrete, featuring geo-textile fabric. Different panels like Duraskirt Pro 30, Duraskirt Plus 3037 and certain other varieties are available for purchase. While Traditional Smooth features a finish of 30” x 37” x 3/4”, Exposed Aggregate actually comes in the size of 30” x 36” x 7/8”. The weight of the former panel is about 63 lbs or 29 kg, whereas the weight of Exposed Aggregate nears 31.5 kg or 69 lbs.

Duraskirt Pricing

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Installation Process

Instalation Manual
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