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Is your manufactured home/ mobile home out of level, if so, it is time to think about re-leveling the home or you may be concerned about earthquakes?

If your home is out of level it is usually due to the ground settling underneath the blocking or foundation of the home. Settling of soils can cause gaps between the foundation supports and the I-beams of the mobile home leading to cracks in walls, doors not closing properly or jamming even windows not working properly. Floors develop squeaks and creaking noises due to a variety of reasons. Serious structural damage can occur, so it is wise to re-level your mobile home as soon as possible.

If you are concerned about recent or future seismic activities we have products that can help stabilize your residence in case of earthquake.   This can prevent your home from collapsing and doing harm to its occupants.  Read more about this below:

QuakeSafe Foundations

Ask Us About Quakesafe Foundations

It is important to consider using a seismic restraint system (seismic foundation) under your manufactured home and we feel QuakeSafe is the best value because it is a wind tie-down too.  See its beefy appearance in the photos below:
mobile home Earthquake-seismic foundation and wind tie-down system
Affordable mobile home seismic systems
Mobile Home Re-Leveling Service
Calling on a professional like Creative Concrete Products, LLC can save you time and money as we have been in the mobile home industry for over two decades.

     Our Reasonable Re-leveling Prices    

  •  min. charge $249.00  
  • *Single-wides $629.00 **+ $99.00 per tip out 
  • *Double-wides $799.00** 
  • *Triple-wides $999.00** 
(Replacement materials if required are not included in prices)
50% OFF Mobile home Re-leveling when Duraskirt™ is installed at time of re-leveling. Up to a $372.50 savings .  Save Re-leveling receipt to apply half toward Duraskirt™ in the future. No time limit.  
*10% senior and veterans discounts
*discounts are not compounded.
**Call for pricing outside these counties: Snohomish, King, Island, Whatcom, Skagit
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What Is Manufactured & Mobile Home Re-Leveling?

Mobile home re-leveling is accomplished by adjusting the piers under the mobile or manufactured home. This process is carefully done to equalize the pressure and weight distribution across the metal frames of the home in order to distribute the load over the entire footprint of the homes support pads.

How often am I supposed to have my home re-leveled?

Manufacturers recommend re-leveling to be done every 5-7 years over the life of the mobile or manufactured home. Re-leveling is a term widely used to describe the readjustment process of the homes undercarriage, which in many cases the mobile home has been sitting improperly installed by the initial setup crew.

In addition there can be added hazards that can have an effect as well. These hazards can be carports, awnings, decks or anything else that may be attached or adjacent to your home that add weight to your homes foundation components. This added weight over time can over-stress the support system causing settling.

A standard Service check includes the following:

  1. Making sure there’s proper ventilation
  2. Underbelly wrap
  3. Heating ducts
  4. Waterline insulation
  5. Sewer pipe slopes
  6. Ventilation
  7. Groundwater drainage
  8. Vapor barrier
  9. Inspect piers, bracing, seismic and tie-downs
  10. Mobile Home re-leveling using existing materials. (if needed, extra materials will add to cost)
What can be done when we find improperly attached structures?

As an added service we offer structural support fixes. These fixes vary in cost from each condition our professionals find. We will make you aware of these conditions in writing and provide a free estimate.

What other kinds of potential problems are we looking for?

Some older homes have other problems that are often found such as the following list:

  1. Additions
  2. Improper Repairs
  3. Improperly Installed Plumbing Connections
  4. Improperly Installed Electrical (We will recommend hiring a licensed Electrician)
  5. Forced air heating ducts rotting on the ground. 
  6. Underbelly wrap needing repaired  
  7. Drainage issues causing settling. 
  8. Torn vapor barriers.
These older homes may have materials that have deteriorated or the materials may no longer be consistent with industry standards. For instance, original concrete piers may have become brittle and began the process of crumbling. Metal support piers have started to rust due to excessive moisture condensation from lack of proper ventilation or poor drainage.

What is foundation reconditioning?

In the case that we find any of the above mentioned foundation support problems the support system may need a substantial overhaul which is called “foundation reconditioning.” We will be replacing piers and pads as needed as well as making sure that all screws meet the manufacture’s specifications. In many cases we must remove debris and re-install fallen insulation, repair vapor barrier, re-attach ducting and raise electrical wiring. All of this is commonly called mobile home re-leveling.

Additional Service Items:
  1. Install seismic support system
  2. * Upgrade to concrete skirting
  3. Plumbing repairs
  4. Rebuild or replace decks
  5. Renovate exterior
  6. Roofing
  7. Paint Interior or exterior
  8. Professional drywall repair work
  9. Concrete sidewalks, porches, slabs and driveways
  10. Install awnings and covered porches
  11. Raised garden beds “The Green Box”
  12. Gutter repair, cleaning or replacement
  13. Garages or sheds
  14. Foundation Reconditioning
  15. New Vapor Barrier

Add Retrofitting To Your Existing Home For Earthquake Stability

We have many types of Earthquake foundation bracing that are engineered specifically for manufacture homes and mobile homes. Each earthquake system has a specific application and varies in costs. We will advise you after investigating your home site and recommend a site-specific system. We may recommend more than one choice that will work sufficiently and let you make a choice.

Ask About Our Manufactured Home Upgrading Services

Creative Concrete Products, LLC specializes in mobile home repairs which includes; 
  • Re-leveling, installing earthquake bracing systems (seismic retrofitting).
  • Skirting and making mobile home foundations FHA/VA/HUD compliant in order to qualify for more favorable lending. 
  • We tear-down, move and setup your mobile home.
  • Decks and Awnings.
  • Re-roofing
  • Siding & Painting.
  • Landscaping and Drains.
Good People! Great Pricing! Best Service! Washington State Certified!

Mobile & Manufactured Homes Need Re-Leveling Maintenance Services Like Ours

Creative Concrete Products, LLC makers of Duraskirt, a concrete skirting for mobile homes or manufactured homes has an installation division that specializes in the specific needs of Manufactured and Mobile Home Owners.
Having been in the industry for more than 20 years and Duraskirt being installed on more than 3000 homes, we have developed a specialized crew of mobile home / manufactured home installers that understand specifically the needs of your home and are prepared to professionally access all the specific needs of your home.

Many of the aspects of manufactured homes and mobile homes are the same as a residential house; the foundation is much different under a manufactured and mobile home requiring state certified manufactured housing certification and trained professionals.

Although some manufactured homes sit on permanent foundations there are many that do not. Especially those that were installed during the early years of the industry from the 1950’s to 1995. There are even homes today that are being installed without permanent foundations. Instead of sitting on a permanent foundation, these manufactured and mobile homes were built on a steel frame that is supported by many individual piers.
As a result they need to be maintained periodically and can be upgraded with permanent foundation solutions. Calling a professional re-leveling service like ours will result in prolonging your homes longevity by decades.
There are several indicators to consider before calling a re-leveling service. 

Call a re-leveling service if the following problems have occurred:
  1. Settling 
  2. Doors or windows unable to close or jamming 
  3. Cracks in walls 
  4. Uneven floors 
  5. Bowed skirting 
  6. Rusted piers 
  7. Rodent intrusion 
  8. Squeaks in the sub-flooring 
Our Manufactured Home Re-Leveling Service s Are Setting High Standards
Lic.# CREATCP981KM Bonded & Insured
Cert.# M1oo Imus*RS937KN

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