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by Creative Concrete Products, LLC    Established 2000
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Mobile Home Skirting
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Northwest's #1 Mobile Home Skirting | Made in USA.
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Use Duraskirt to help cut  the cost of your homes site-work by cutting the mobile home skirting prices.   An engineered concrete skirting solution that is made specifically for mobile homes.  

Find Traditional Smooth Duraskirt and the Northwest Aggregate Duraskirt skirting for mobile homes.  You will find like many of our customers have experienced, a durable skirting without the high price.  Order Duraskirt mobile home skirting kits today by calling 360-419-9909.
Duraskirt, mobile home skirting, makes a home look more residential with the durabllity of concrete.
Traditional Smooth Duraskirt Skirting For Mobile Homes
click on a photo to see a larger image.
Duraskirt concrete skirting panels are easily installed on mobile homes or manufactured homes.
Look how Duraskirt, concrete skirting for mobile homes, makes this home look site-built with totally a residential look..
We took this photo to show how the mobile home with Duraskirt concrete skirting looks next to the garage that has a poured foundation wall.
Northwest Aggregate (Stone Skirting) Duraskirt 
Skirting For Mobile Homes
click on a photo to see a larger image.
Northwest Aggregate Duraskirt for mobile homes give the home an extrodinary finish unlike othe mobile home skirting.
This is an access door that utilizes a Duraskirt panel.  An access well frame spans between two panels, locking in the horizontally cut panel piece.
This is a photo taken at a home show when we were still using plastic ventilation.  We have come a long way since August of 2000 when we invented Duraskirt.
Duraskirt concrete skirting for mobile and manufactured homes.
Nothwest Aggregate Stone Skirting Duraskirt skirting for manufactured homes.  Beutify your mobile home skirting with Duraskirt.
With all skirting options considered, our customers say they chose Duraskirt because it is engineered, made of real concrete, made sense and gave the aesthetic appearance of a residential home.  One customer coined, 
"Duraskirt and Be Done." 
Northwest Aggregate mobile home rock skirting, A popular alternative to mobile home brick skirting,  satisfies customers.  Take a look at these homes and imagine how your mobile home will look with beautiful skirting that is as beautiful as your home.  

Entire parks have chosen this unique skirting for manufactured homes.
manufactured home skirting
manufactured home skirting
manufactured home skirting
mobile home skirting
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Duraskirt concrete mobile home skirting comes in two finishes; Northwest Aggregate and Traditional Smooth. The smooth concrete skirting gives the appearance of a true residential look. The beauty of the aggregate skirting sets your home apart.

mobile home skirting
Concrete is the Future of Mobile Home Skirting

Gone are the days when aluminum was the only choice for mobile home skirting.  Now you can get everything you need in a new concrete solution for your mobile home. Duraskirt is one of the most effective ways to skirt your home whether it is a manufactured home skirting, deck skirting, a post and beam building skirting or a mobile home skirting.   The skirting is made of high strength concrete that is cast over a galvanized welded wire. 

One of the major additions to the Duraskirt is the hidden vent.  This is a ventilation system in the skirting that is hidden under the edge of the home and at the top of the skirting.   The ventilation allows the air to flow through under the house making sure that there is no build-up of dampness or any musty air trapped under the floorboards of you home.  This really helps provide your family with a healthier air quality in your home.  Since the air venting system is set up to be hidden under the edge of the home it does not allow for animal intruders to make themselves at home under your home. 

Concrete skirting is one of the strongest skirting options on the market making it excellent for all types of homes.  While it is strong and can hold up against most weather and can hold more weight if necessary than other skirting types such as aluminum, it is still light weight enough to be useful and to produce great protection for you home.  Installation is not a difficult process for a professional and can be done in a short amount of time.   This is one of the reasons that it is considered to be more affordable than some of the other types of house skirting

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Duraskirt Is Both Beautiful & Affordable Mobile Home Skirting