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Our Mobile Home Re-Leveling Service Plus 
Creative Concrete Products, LLC  specializes in mobile home repairs which includes; re-leveling, installing earthquake bracing systems (seismic retrofitting), skirting and making mobile home foundations FHA/VA/HUD compliant in order to qualify for more favorable lending. We can also tear-down, move and setup your mobile home.

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At Creative Concrete Products, LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order weekdays from 8:30 - 5:30. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
When a mobile home owner notices their home is out of level it is time to think about re-leveling the home. Usually it is due to the ground settling underneath the blocking or foundation of the home. Settling of soils can cause gaps between the foundation supports and the I-beams of the mobile home leading to cracks in walls, doors not closing properly or jamming even windows not working properly. Floors develop squeaks and creaking noises due to a variety of reasons. Serious structural damage can occur, so it is wise to re-level your mobile home as soon as possible. 

Calling on  a professional like Creative Concrete Products, LLC can save you time and money as we have been in the mobile home industry for over two decades.
Seismic Retrofitting for Mobile Homes
Creative Concrete Products, LLC makers of Duraskirt, a concrete skirting for mobile homes or manufactured homes has an installation division that specializes in the specific needs of Manufactured and Mobile Home Owners.

Having been in the industry for more than 20 years and Duraskirt being installed on more than 3000 homes, we have developed a specialized crew of mobile home / manufactured home installers that understand specifically the needs of your home and are prepared to professionally access all the specific needs of your home. 

Many of the aspects of manufactured homes and mobile homes are the same as a residential house; the foundation is much different under a manufactured and mobile home requiring state certified manufactured housing certification and trained professionals. 

Although some manufactured homes sit on permanent foundations there are many that do not. Especially those that were installed during the early years of the industry from the 1950’s to 1995.  There are even homes today that are being installed without perminent foundations.  Instead of sitting on a permanent foundation, these manufactured and mobile homes were built on a steel frame that is supported by many individual piers. 

As a result they need to be maintained periodically and can be upgraded with permanent foundation solutions. Calling a professional re-leveling service like ours will result in prolonging your homes longevity by decades.  

There are several indicators to consider before calling a re-leveling service.  Call  a re-leveling service if the following problems have occurred:

1) Settling
2) Doors or windows unable to close 
or jamming
3) Cracks in walls
4) Uneven floors
5) Bowed skirting
6) Rusted piers
7) Rodent intrusion
8) Squeaks in the sub-flooring

Our Re-Leveling Service
Setting High Standards
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Re-level Service Contractor, Mount Vernon WA 98273
Lic.# CREATCP981KM Bonded & Insured
Cert.# M1oo Imus*RS937KN
Our re-leveling service offers a Standard Re-Leveling as well as Service Additions. Depending on your budget, your homes needs and whether you are wanting to bring your home up to a HUD, FHA or VA approved permanent foundation we can do it!
Our mobile home re-leveling service is fairly priced and is worth the cost.  Good people too!

Looking for a mobile home re-leveling service in Washington State?

Mobile Home Re-Leveling
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Written by Richard Imus Webutation

What is Mobile Home Re-Leveling?

We have many types of Earthquake foundation bracing that are engineered specifically for manufacture homes and mobile homes. Each earthquake system has a specific application and varies in costs. We will advise you after investigating your home site and recommend a site-specific system. We may recommend more than one choice that will work sufficiently and let you make a choice.

Mobile home re-leveling and retrofit cart
mobile home re-leveling cart
Duraskirt Seismic Retrofit Cart 


  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Quick Release for placing seismic blocks
  • Length Adjustment
  • Pivot Steering for sharp turning
  • Removable Handle w/ easy storage
  • Low Profile for tight crawlspace maneuverability
  • Powder-coat Paint
  • Flat-Free Tires
  • Front and Rear Hooks - Two man uses
  • Precision bearings never needs grease
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