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Hidden-Vent exclusively by Duraskirt
A closer look at the skirting vents Hidden-Vent exclusively from Duraskirt
Duraskirt Concrete Skirting for manufactued homes, mobile homes, rv skirting, skirting, deck skirting, deck enclosures, hot tub surrounds.  Mobile home skirting has never been better.
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Duraskirt concrete skirting kits come in Traditional Smooth and Northwest Aggregate and can be used for Decks, Hot Tub Surrounds, Pole Buildings, Wains Coating on Homes or inside garages.
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Hidden Vent 

This home is equipped with skirting vents we call the hidden vent system that is Outta-Site.  It allows even airflow from corner to corner. It meets all requirements for ventilation and improves the homes’ appearance.

No more:

  •   Vent Wells
  •  Back-fill restrictions
  •  Dead Air Space
  •  Large Animals Pushing Through the Foundation Vents

The Outa-Site vent tucks neatly behind and under the trim board.

The table below shows the lineal feet of hidden vent that will need to be installed. It can be applied to any ratio of ventilation. 

To terminate the Hidden Vent at each end of a crawl space just bend the screen to block the opening so that rodents or insects cannot penetrate the crawl space.  Take a look at this video:Terminating Hidden Vent At Crawl Space

   Hidden-Vent Ventilation  

   1 sq ft of vent =10.67lineal feet of the 'Hidden Vent' @1 1/8 inch wide.

​  Install the panels 1 1/8" below rim-joist of home as shown.  The brackets are preset to allow 1 1/8"   air-flow from the back of the siding to the front of the panels.  This ventilation system works very well as it allows for an even flow of air accross the entire crawl-space.

manufactured home skirting
Skirting Installation Manual
When we introduced The Hidden Vent system in the Northwest for our Duraskirt customers it was received very well.  As you can see from the photos the look sets our system apart from all the others.  The question some may have is...does this work in the flood plains or Floodplain?  We do have this option covered too with break-away-flood-panel skirting for mobile homes in the Floodplain.  

View the photo scroll below, have a question about how to install our skirting on your manufactured home?  Please call 360-419-9909 or email us at CCPSkirting@aol.com
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Duraskirt's Exclusive Hidden-Vent System is the best way to vent a mobile home or manufactured house. The Hidden-Vent System adds excellent curb appeal with an attractive unique look that will have people wondering where your foundation vents are located.

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