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Mobile Home Skirting ideas
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Looking for mobile home skirting ideas?  
Review ideas & information on types of skirting that can be used on mobile homes and manufactured homes.  Read why re-leveling your mobile home  is a good idea.

Mobile Home Skirting Ideas | Manufactured Home Skirting - Duraskirt

Skirting Panels for Mobile Homes -- How Exactly Do They Work?

by Richard Imus on 07/20/14

If you're about to buy a mobile home, you've undoubtedly heard of skirting panels.  But how exactly do they work?  And what makes them so important?


-- They cover up the crawl space underneath your home

Even though you can find skirting panels in a variety of materials and finishes, they weren't created simply to make your home more fashionable.  Instead, skirting panels will provide some very big functional benefits for your mobile home because they'll cover up the crawl space underneath it.  As a result, things like raccoons, rats, and snakes won't be able to set up THEIR home underneath YOUR home. 

Your skirting panels will also help to stabilize the temperature inside your mobile home.  After all, every single home on the planet loses a little bit of climate-controlled air throughout the day.  But because skirting panels cover up the crawl space, climate-controlled air won't leak out underneath your home and evaporate into a giant open space.  Instead, the panels will keep all of that air in your crawl space and help to keep the inside of your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


-- They're vented very carefully

If you were to simply attach some solid skirting panels to the bottom of your mobile home and call it a day, you'd wind up with a space that's hot and muggy from all of the moisture that naturally rises out of the soil that's sitting underneath your home.  Over time, all of that stale, moist air will create dangerous mold, and it will cause the underside of your home to rot.   Talk about a major mess!

That's why skirting panels have to come with special vents.  They're specially-designed to give the underside of your home the air flow it needs, without giving critters a space to wiggle through.  A good skirting manufacturer will also space those vents very carefully, so that the underside of your home gets good cross-ventilation.

Those vents also do one other very important thing for your home -- they prevent water from building up.  Whether it's due to heavy rains or the naturally-occurring moisture in the soil, if water is allowed to collect underneath your home, it can seriously damage your home.  In fact, it can even evaporate up into the floorboards of your home, causing them to rot and become warped!

 Back-filled skirting

-- They protect against back-fill

Before your home can be placed on its lot, the ground has to be excavated -- meaning that some of the dirt has to be scooped out and leveled so that your home will be level.  However, that dirt isn't just carted away.  Instead, it's piled up evenly around your home. 

Without strong skirting panels, that back-fill will gradually start to settle up against and underneath the bottom of your mobile home.  Before you know it, your property is completely crooked -- and your home is damaged!

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Mobile home skirting ideas
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